Ralph has been teaching drop-ins, workshop, privates and progressive classes professionally since the age of 18 across the globe. His offerings as a teacher include Contemporary, Vogue and Street Jazz dance styles. For more info on private classes and workshop go here РCONTACT 


A graduate of Contemporary Training Program Modus Operandi in 2015, Ralph has been able to work with a variety of Vancouver based companies touring locally and internationally. Working in the companies he has been challenged in a multitude of ways, working in processes that require somatic sensitivity and also high intensity physicality. His experience has given him a unique perspective on vital skills needed to be a performer that include improvisation, movement generation and contemporary technique.
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Ralph started training officially training in vogue/ballroom culture in 2015 after a private with Leiomy Maldonado in NYC. Since then he has continued training by making annual trip to the birth place of ballroom, and supplementing his training in Vancouver with the creation of VAN VOGUE JAM. Now as a 007 (no affiliated with a house) he continues to share his knowledge of Vogue and Ballroom culture around the country helping grow the new vogue scenes in western Canada. His inclusive teaching style helps even the novice dancer learn Vogue-Femme fundamentals: Hands, Catwalk, Duckwalk, Spin/Dips, Floor and European/All American- Runway. Ralph is the pioneer of the Vancouver Ballroom Scene and the Mother of the Kiki House of Gvasalia.


As a commercial dancer working on film, tv and live concerts Ralph has had firsthand experience working in the pressures and the joys of these industries. He has worked on as skeleton crew with leading choreographers Luther Brown, Tucker Barkley, Paul Becker, Kenny Ortega and AJ Akamon and has danced with Victoria Duffield, Zendaya and Janet Jackson. His classes can range from highly intricate choreography for advanced dancers, to fun choreography for the first time dancer and everyone in between.

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