A style birthed from the underground drag culture of New York City, and raised by House music; VOGUE dance is a style that strives to find ones individuality and self confidence. Since its conception the style has evolved from Old Way, into New Way, and now into its most recent forms are split into two divisions – Vogue Femme and Vogue Dramatics. Being a freestyle dance form, some key elements of VOGUE are: Runway, Posing, Hand Performance, Dips, Floor Performance, Duck Walk and Cat Walk. It is famously popularized by artist Madonna in the music video – “Vogue” and since then artist such as Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Azealia Banks and most recently FKA Twigs have used vogue as a source of inspiration.


Every Tuesday 7:30-9:00pm | Summer 
JULY 22 – POP UP CLASS 5pm – 8 pm
Robson Square
JULY 25 – Robson Square
AUGUST 1 – Karma Teachers 
AUGUST 8 – Robson Square
Vancouver Vogue Jam is a BY DONATION Vogue class/session. Open to all ages, levels, races, genders, to learn about Vogue and Vogue Ballroom Culture.

Harbour Dance Centre

Substitute Teacher: Contemporary, Street Jazz, Heels, Vogue, Waacking