original working title “SQUIN”

Ralph Escamillan/FakeKnot

World Premier at Club Push January 26th

Based on the exploration of identity, this work in progress explores dance making through the lens of each aspect of the work: costuming, sound, lighting and choreography.

Choreographer: Ralph Escamillan

Performers: Ralph Escamillan & Stefan Seslija

Sound: Stefan Seslija

Costumes: Sonja Muse

This new work is supported by:

Co-Producer/Presenters The Dance Centre & Push Festival to Premiere at Club Push in January 2018

Space residencies by Boca Del Lupo and Karma Teachers

Iterations of this work has been preformed at SFU Launch 2015, Fluid Fest 2015 (Calgary), in association with Fringe Manila 2016 and International Dance Day at Scotiabank Dance Centre 2016.

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HINKYPUNK acknowledges the generous support of:
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